Wood Destroying Pest Inspection

Wood Destroying Pest Inspection

The texas official wood destroying insect Report is the product of BUGCO's WDI inspection. It's required for real estate transactions in Texas and it's contents.

VA generally requires a Clear Pest (Termite) Inspection on all properties previously. for the reporting of Wood Destroying Insect Inspections (Termite Reports).

All pest inspection reports are based on the Washington State Pest control association reporting criteria which has been approved by the Washington State Department of Agriculture. The most prevailing wood destroying pests in the greater seattle area include wood decay fungi (wood rot), carpenter ants, wood infesting beetles, and termites.

Also, wood destroying insect infestation and/or damage may exist in concealed or inaccessible areas. The inspection firm cannot guarantee that any wood destroying insect infestation and/or damage disclosed by this inspection represents all of the wood destroying insect infestation and/or damage which may exist as of the date of the inspection.

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The importance of a wood-boring pest inspection when buying a home.. Your WDO Inspection – A WDO is an Inspection for Wood Destroying Organisms.

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Our inspections are thorough and concise in order to provide you with the proper evaluation regarding the overall condition of your home (or commercial building) as it relates to damaging wood destroying insects and the conditions that contribute to their presence. To schedule a pest inspection, please fill out the online form or give us a call.

Wood Destroying Insect Reports. Any time you buy, sell, or re-finance a home, a Wood Destroying Insect Report is often a requirement. A Wood-Destroying Insect Report is used to document the presence or absence of wood-destroying insects (termites, carpenter ants, wood-boring beetles, etc.) in structures that are for sale.

Wood Destroying Insects – Wood Destroying Insect Inspections are required on all existing residential properties, including condominium projects that are 5 stories or less in height, due to the high probability of termite infestation in the area.

Wood Destroying Pest and Organisms Inspection Reports: These reports are commonly referred to as a Termite inspection Report. It is a visual inspection to the.

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